Dog Tired

So tired yesterday…At 2am, my lovely, teddy bear, Airedale Terrier started whining to go to the toilet.  ‘No’, I thought, as I was all cosy, wrapped up in bed.  The thing is, so was she.  My husband turned on the lights, switched off the alarm, which beeped, rousing our sleeping daughters and carried her downstairs.  Yes, you heard right…carried.  Margot is a strong, fit dog but terrified of slipping on our stairs.  So, Alan had to carry five stone of Airedale down the wooden steps, bundled in his arms.  Out into the dark she went to ‘be quick’ and then came back in again.  But, instead of just leaving her down on her bed in the hall, he carried her back up again.  The alarm was re-set, with more bleeping noise and lights went out, but I didn’t.  I tossed and turned and just could not get back to sleep. Hence the next day, rising with red raw eyes and in a zombie-like state.  Managed to glide through the day but cancelled my night out, as getting old now, so opted for jarmies on early, dinner in front of a film with my family.  Margot was quite pleased too, as she barked at the dogs on the screen and skidded about on the floor trying to chase them.


About clarabrown1

I love feeding the chickens I share with my neighbour every morning, walking the dog, reading, writing, vintage clothes (1950's), country walks, seeing friends, cosy nights in with my family, pilates, the coast, holidays, love, peace and harmony :-)
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